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Coleman Collins

probably stretches himself too thin.

A partial and irregularly-updated list of the things I'm spending my time on right now

  1. I took a full-time job in March because it was just too interesting and exciting not to. I'm doing design for a company that makes quantum computers. It's very cool to me.
  2. I'm also revising and editing a book about how to survive business travel. It will (probably) be out Q2 2018.
  3. And writing about that stuff for the related blog.
  4. I also just launched a long-in-the-making side project that involves limericks.
  5. And moved to the Washington, DC area, as a byproduct of taking that above-mentioned job.
  6. Which means I'm spending a lot of time missing Chicago, and flying back there to see my friends and girlfriend.

Last updated on April 30th, 2018.

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