Coleman Collins


University Of Notre Dame, May 2011
B.A., College of Arts and Letters
Majors: Graphic Design, Film Theory (Honors)
Capstone: Transmedia, Adaptation, and Intertexuality


IonQMarch 2018 – nowDesignerProduct design, strategy, and front-end engineering for quantum computing cloud (both sides of the marketplace).Product management, design, strategy, and front-end engineering for quantum computer operating system.Strategy and execution (design, frontend, content) of the IonQ brand and website.

OhmcoachOctober 2016 – February 2018Co-founder, Head of Product, Head CoachFounded a health and fitness company that helps busy professionals achieve their full potential.Solo design and development of a custom software platform (Rails) to allow athletes to receive daily workouts on their phones (mobile web and SMS).Developed holistic health programs for a variety of busy professionals as an NSCA-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.Developed websites and content marketing material for Ohmcoach, including what became The Road Warrior properties.Sunsetted the service at the end of 2018, pivoting the business to an infoproduct-only side project (The Road Warrior).

&c.May 2011 – nowPartner, Product DesignerConsultant and practitioner in user research, graphic design, product design, and web development for clients in a variety of domains and media.Collaborated with partner to acquire clients, consult on strategic marketing, content, and consumer engagement strategies, negotiate and execute contracts.

ThoughtWorksMay 2014 – October 2016Competency Lead, Visual DesignSet the direction and expectations (as well as provided mentorship) for the professional growth, learning and development of ThoughtWorks North America's 25 designers.Engineered team culture, drove the continued evolution of our tools and processes, especially how we worked with development teams.

ThoughtWorksJune 2012 – October 2016Lead UX & Product Design ConsultantPractitioner and consultant in product design and user experience to clients representing a variety of verticals and sizes.Roles, responsibilities, and outcomes varied from project to project but included:Product Design — Led teams or acted as a solo designer in a wide variety of domains, including banking, ecommerce, CPG, grocery, pharmacy, developer tools, and more.Front-End Development — a wide variety of prototyping and production code, including making the customer portal of a $9B line of business fully responsive and accessible.Service Design — including traffic flow and throughput optimization for mobile-to-in-store ordering, payment, and pick up in a high-throughput food court.User Research — everything from ethnographic studies on aircraft maintenance to full one-way-mirror usability testing of applications to digging deep into website analytics and conversion data.Facilitation — in addition to the standard "Agile" ceremonies, facilitated new product innovation and project discovery workshops with a variety of clients.Leadership — led design and design/dev teams as large as 8 people to deliver high-quality, low-defect products on schedule. Process Consulting — worked with several large in-house dev shops to streamline handoff and collaboration between biz, design and development, in some cases bringing cycle time down from months to days.

SpongecellFeb 2012 – May 2012Marketing DesignerDesigned interactive web ads on Spongecell's proprietary interactive platform as brand and campaign extensions.These high-interactivity ads and dynamic creative increased click-through and conversion by up to 50%.

Donna Karan's Urban ZenJan 2012 – April 2012DesignerProduced print and web creative for Urban Zen Retail and The Urban Zen FoundationDrove a collaborative, comprehensive internal strategy for a full overhaul of the Urban Zen Foundation’s digital presence.This included: UX research and design, information architecture, content creation and social media strategy, paid and earned traffic generation strategy, traffic flow analytics and optimization, creating initial project timelines and plan of action, and the actual visual design of the site.

Web Networks, Inc.Aug 2011 – Dec 2011Designer, Conversion Path OptimizerCreated landing pages, short videos, graphics for traffic funnels in the Web Networks portfolio, shepherding from concept through execution in video, code, and image.Optimized messaging and design using A/B and multivariate testing, traffic flow and user path analytics, and other tools.Improved click-through on Web Networks' main funnel by 38% in five months, resulting in a net revenue increase of $280K.

Skills & Tools

TechnicalSemantic, accessible, SEO-friendly markupDeep, weird CSS/SASS knowledgeJavaScript, including ES2018+ syntax/methods/patterns, Typescript, React, Gatsby, node.js, jQuery, express, jestRuby + Rails

DesignVisual designEthnographic research (user interviews, contextual inquiry)Quantitative research (heat maps, analytics)User testing (scripted testing, card sorting, etc)Ecommerce data analysis (Revenue, CTR, AOV, CAC, etc.)Workshop design and collaborative faciliationSketching and charette exercisesJourney mappingWireframing & information architecturePrototyping (from hi-fi to paper)

Etc.Agile/Scrum/XP/etc practices and processes, especially around designFeature discovery and planningProduct roadmapping and strategyExceptional written communication skillsGenerative text and digital/interactive art

Public Work

Designing For Things You Don’t Understand And People Who Are Smarter Than YouDCUX 2019This talk discusses strategies for working with hyper-expert users in a deeply technical domain. Not recorded.but a synopsis is here.

I won't tell if you won'tTypeforce 8 (2017)This art installation explores technology-mediated interaction through the sharing and exposing of secrets. Photos of the show here.

A Cargo Cult Of InnovationBusiness Agility Atlanta (2017)This talk explores the difference between looking innovative and acting innovative. Slides here.

ComplimentronTypeforce 7 (2016)This art installation is a robot that gives you compliments. Not everything needs deep meaning. More here.

Get Over Yourself: How Humility and Empathy Can Save DesignInteraction '15 (2015)This panel discussion addressed the ways in which the contemporary role of product designer is as much facilitator and editor as creator. It was not recorded.

Designing The Second InterfaceQconf SF (2014)This talk addressed the usability principles behind the invisible niceties of IDEs and text editors (like syntax highlighting). Video here.

The Modern Web Is Broken For People With DisabilitiesThoughtworks Insights (2014)This article addresses the relative incompatibility of SPAs and Screen readers. You can read it on ThoughtWorks Insights.

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